Jumaat, 7 Mei 2010

~ a rose without u..

Never say gudbye when you stil want to try...Never give up when you stil feel u can take it..Never say you dun’t love the person when you can’t let go...~

With this rose, I not only give you merely a rose,
but I give you my heart and soul.
I send to you all the love I have to give,
and anything else that would give me the
chance to touch your heart.

With this rose, I reveal all my
thoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you... I am like a rose,
not because of it?s beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you.

To me you are like a rose's sunshine,
so full of energy and light,
that never does it fail to lift my spirits.
Just by the sound of your voice and that look in your eye.

I could never tear my eyes from you,
you are able to make my life worth living.
But, without you, just like a rose,
I would wither and die.
Not all at once, but little by little,
petal by petal.
Slowly at first, because you have made me
stronger and stronger each day you're with me.
But eventually, without you, I will loose
all those beautiful petals you have given me.

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cps.style90 berkata...

is this lyric figure out ur condition & situation right know??? hopefully x laa eyh... hik3...

fq berkata...

syok la lak baca....