Khamis, 29 April 2010

~can i know why..??

Why do I love you ..
With all my heart?..
Why did I fall for you..
From the start?..

Why do you cause me..
So much pain?..
Why do you stick to my heart..
Like a stain?..
Why couldn't I see..
You weren't gonna stay?..
Why did I believe..
You were gonna take the pain away?..

Why did you play my heart..
Like a game?..
Why couldn't you ever..
Feel the same?..
Why do I sit In my room all alone?..
Why do I pray..
You would call my phone?..
Why did you end it..
Right after our one year?..
Why didn't it bother you..
When you made my eyes tear?..
Why cant I stop thinking of you..
Why can't I say goodbye..
Why do I still get jealous..
When I see you with another girl?..

Why do you come back in my life..
As soon as I'm letting go?..
Why do I still get butterflies..
When you just say hello?..
Why can't I forget about you..
And put you in the past?..
Why does a part of me still believe..

That me and you were made to last?..

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