Khamis, 29 April 2010

~ why?.even try..~

You said you loved me..
and you still say it's true..
that doesn't justify all the shit that you do..
You hurt me..
every single time that you lied..
tore my insides up shattered my pride..

But yet I stood by you..
through thin and through thick..
was depressed at time seven made me sick..
I loved you..

and hell i still do..
Even for all the shit you put me through..
I love you each and every day...
even though you cheated on me..
I gave those hurt feelings away...
I opened myself up to you and this ..
I did you forget?..

Maybe I spent the last three years..
barkin up the wrong tree..
Maybe I am dreamin and ..
It's not meant to be..
But I won't take you back..
It's the last time ..
I say bye..
I already gave you everything, ..
so why even try...

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