Khamis, 29 April 2010

~i wish i may..i wish i might..~

I sit up n look at de stars..
Out my window at nite..
To see if there is a shooting star..
any were in sight..
It went past me so fast ..
As i said the magic words..
I wish I may..
I wish I might..
Be given a second chance..
To have u in my life..
I wish we could be..
n that u were still here with me..
So that i can go back to the days..
When you where so good to me..
I would change ur ways..
So that we could be together..
and i could still love u..
Forever and ever..!!
I wouldn't do stupid things..
So that you would hurt me..
I would just love...
and let u continue to love me..
I wish I may..
I wish I might..
Have one more wish tonight...
To see u again...
So that we could be more than just friend..
To kiss u...
To hold u...
I would wish u to never let go of me..
But as i end my last wish now
it will never come true..
because your in love with..
someone else now..
while im alone hoping and wishing
to be with u...!!!!!

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