Khamis, 29 April 2010

~if i could...

If I could turn and walk away,
And start all over again..
I can forget I ever knew you,
I could live in a world of pretend...

But everytime I open my eyes,,
It's back to reality..
Things I've tried to forget,,
Are back again with me...
I could go through life,,
Never saying your name..
I could live each day..
Looking for a place to lay the blame..

I could feel bitter,,
For the way things turned out..
But I choose not to be,,
That's not what I'm about..
I could forever long for you,,
And this I'll probably do...

If only I could've touched your face..
At least one dream would've come true..
I could say I hate you,,
But it would be a lie...
I could wish I'd never met you,,
So I'd never had a sad gudbye...
But no matter the tears,,
The aches I felt inside,,
I still can't regret knowing you,,
My feelings I've never denied...

I chose to remember you,,
The way you were with me..
Things you said and felt...
I hold in loving memory..
Even though it was a heartache,,
Only waiting to begin,,
What I experienced with you...
Was the best place I've ever been...

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