Khamis, 29 April 2010

~true fwend

A pal is one..
With whom you can have fun..
Who'll listen to you and talk..
With whom you can share a joke ..
One you can drink with..
And who with you will dine ..
One with whom all will look rosy..
All pretty and all fine...

But when comes adversity ..
You'll seldom find him by your side..
And even if stay does he,,
Not long will he abide...

A true friend is one..
With whom you can talk'bout all under the sun..
With whom you can laugh and joke..
Drink, dine and have fun..
And who to you will lend a ear..
With him all will be Okey doke'...

Then, when hardship knocks...
You'll find him by your side..
You he'll never leave..
But try best to you guide..
When you sigh, he'll too heave..
When you fail to succeed ..
He'll try to bring to fruition ..
Your deed..
When you fall sick..
He'll bring relief..
When the whole world mocks,,
He'll stand by your belief ..
If all else the other way looks...
He'll share your brief..
Even if harm befalls ye..
He'll stand in its way ..
And will not hesitate even a bit..
To endanger his life, ,
to lay down it...
And prove that a friend in need..
Is a friend indeed!!

Such a friend is hard to come by..
Who'll laugh with you,,
with you who'll cry..
So if ever one you get,,
Try to be worthy of your mate..
And see that never breaks the bond ..
That you with him ties fond..

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