Khamis, 29 April 2010

~the letter i'll never send...

I wish I could say..
How much I care for you..
But I don't know how..
So here's what I'll do..
I'll write you a letter..
Saying what I've been through..
Day after day..
Always thinking of you..

I don't see you much..
But when I do it makes me cry..
So I'll write to you..
Without a lie...
I'll say that I love you..
The first line that I write..
So you instantly know..

At your first sight..
I'll say that I dream..
I'll say that I fly..
And without you..
I'd probably die..
I'll say that I smile..
As I write you the note..

I'll say that I wished..
I'll say that whenever..
I close my eyes..
I see you face..
It never dies
I'll say that you're perfect..
In every possible way..
That I wish I could hold you..
Every single day..

I'll say that I wish..
You were here with me..
But it's crazy b'coz..
I know you can't be..
Do you think about me..
Or did you forget..
The things we had done..
And the goals we had set..

But after I read..
My note once again..
I realize I'd never send it..
It's a waist of my pen..
You'd see it, and read it..

Then throw it away..
You don't care anymore..
To yourself you would say..
I stare at my paper..
With a sad pout..
The shred it to peices..
And throw it out...

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